At Avisual Productions, we deliver superior services across audio visual management, audio visual equipment hire, staging lighting, event production, stage design, style, theming and co-ordination to ensure an incredible event.

AVP Icon02 Audio

We use industry-leading audio equipment to get your message or performance across with high definition sound quality. For live performance, digital recording, conferencing or broadcasting, the AVisual quality is unmatched.

We ensure it’s reliable and clear to maximise your impact in your next meeting or event.

AVP Icon03 Video

We provide a wide range of services, including video HD recording, webcasting, multi-screen projection for your conference, product launch or just a LED screen for exhibitions.

We can also help you with creative production services to make your presentation more than just a series of images and then see it all in full HD.

AVP Icon01 Lighting

We light your spaces to change the feel, mood and emotional impact of your event. With our ever increasing range of lighting and staging systems, our lighting effects can raise you up to become the highlight of your next event.

AVP Icon04 Staging

Every communication needs a platform, from small podiums to custom designed stages
whether acrylic, timber or transparent in almost any colour. We can create a stage design, style and theme to co-ordinate with your event and bring to life the experience you are looking to create.

AVP Icon07 Webinars

We facilitate the streaming of your event to anywhere in the world. Every event is custom designed to your goals and interaction requirements. Offering overlays, remote presenters and panels, as well as closed captioning and accessibility, Avisual can bring your event to life regardless of location.

AVP Icon06 VideoConferencing

Bringing teams together across Australia, and the world, Avisual will facilitate your meeting and ensure collaboration is possible wherever your teams may be located. Working with the top suppliers of video conferencing equipment including Sony, Tandberg, Logitech and Cisco.