August 9, 2016

When Planning Your Event, What Comes First?

Don't get left with 100 delegates in a large room with a guest speaker that has no microphone. It is highly important to consider audio visual at the start of your event organising process as it has great impact on the outcome of your event and can also play a huge role in determining budget.
August 4, 2016

Christmas Is Just Around the Corner

When it comes to organising events there is a great deal to consider. For example, do you need catering, stylists, event planners, AV providers, hosts, DJ’s, venues and so on. With less than four months until December, its time to start planing your Christmas events before people and services will begin to book out.
August 4, 2016

Executive Assistant Network Canberra

We have been fortunate enough to be a gold partner with the EAN group for a number of years now and the new technology that we had on display at our exhibition booth attracted large amounts of attention. Utilising some of our newest technology, such as the Smart Kapp whiteboard, we were able to show off some of the latest technology throughout the duration of the conference and the gala dinner.
May 26, 2016

AV vs. IT

As technology gets more and more user friendly, and I say that with caution, the line between AV (Audio Visual) and IT (Information Technology) becomes more […]