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The Southern Highlands are known not only for the wineries that are quickly turning the Highlands into an important Australian wine region, but also for the large number of historical towns and villages spread throughout the region, along with breathtaking scenery. The Highlands offer up many picture-perfect venues, and while a popular destination for weddings, they aren’t suited only to weddings. Many wineries in the region are quite capable of playing host to almost any type of event or function, while some of the gardens can provide a unique backdrop to live performances and product launches, making them even more memorable.

AVisual Productions have been producing events in the Southern Highlands for more than 15 years, so we don’t only have firsthand knowledge of all the venues in the region, we also know what type of event each is suited to, whether you are organising a small or large conference, an awards function, or an annual gala event. But our event production services are not limited to venue recommendations only.

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What Can AVisual Productions Do for My Southern Highlands Event?

Each event we produce has a technical director to oversee all technical aspects of the event, manage some of the administrative functions, and work with you in turning your ideas into a memorable experience. And if you don’t have any fully formed ideas yet, the technical director and their team will help conceptualise ideas that realise the goals of your event.

All event production is managed in-house, so AVisual Productions Southern Highlands is able to take care of audio-visual equipment hire, AV production, staging and theming of events, along with lighting, and other event co-ordination tasks, for both small events, and large events.

What Do Technical Directors Do?

Many of the elements of event production are technical, involving not only deciding what audio-visual equipment is needed, but also sourcing it, getting it to the venue, and then setting it all up. The responsibility for all of these falls to different teams, all with their own area of specialisation, but a technical director is needed to oversee and manage it all within your budget, and ensuring all work is completed on schedule. They also assist with certain legal aspects of events, including safety requirements, and permits where necessary.

What Is Audio-Visual Production?

Everything relating to sound, lighting, and other visual elements of an event fall under audio-visual production; from taking care of mics and speakers, through to programming music and lighting cues, along with ensuring the stage or podium are properly lit. Without great audio-visual production, events would be dull and poorly structured. Audio-visual production is complex; but working with AVisual Productions Southern Highlands means never having to worry about this complexity. We take care of all audio-visual management for you, ensuring your event is staged perfectly.

Successful events are ones where the separate elements that make up lighting and sound are seamlessly integrated into an experience that is at once memorable and engaging. Contact AVisual Productions’ Southern Highlands team to discover how they can make your job easier and bring your next event to life.