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As the most populous city in Australia, Sydney is also home to some of Australia’s largest financials, real estate, and retail businesses, Australia’s busiest airport, and the second busiest seaport. Expansive growth has seen the city develop unique regions – cities within a city – with each offering a different feel and backdrop that can also radically alter the experience of any events and functions they host.

With more than 15 years’ experience in event production, AVisual Production’s Sydney team have superb knowledge of all venues in and around Sydney. So, in addition to helping with audio-visual management and equipment hire for your next event, we can also advise on suitable venues. From garden terraces and creative warehouse spaces, to venues offering spectacular views and venues in landmark buildings, we’ll be able to match your next conference, product launch, live performance, or gala function with the perfect venue and our premier event production services. Bringing your Sydney event to life and turning it into an extraordinary experience.

What Can AVisual Productions Do for My Sydney Event?

AVisual Productions manages all aspects of audio-visual and event production in-house, which allows us to handle any type of event, big or small. We can take your ideas for your event or function and turn it them into reality, or our technical director and team can work with you at developing a concept that is both extraordinary and realised within your budget.

Our Sydney event services are not limited only to audio-visual equipment hire and audio-visual production; as a full-house event services specialist we can also manage staging, lighting, stage design, theming, and all co-ordination related to the staging of your event.

What is a Technical Director?

AVisual Productions’ technical director establishes the budget for your event with you, and then allocates it to different in-house team members. The technical director manages all technical operations, along with some administrative functions, co-ordinating whatever is required to make your event successful and memorable. This includes lighting, audio, and staging, and extends into assisting with permits, safety regulations, and other legal compliance issues that need to be taken care of.

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How to Set up Audio Visual Equipment?

Working with AVisual Productions in Sydney means not having to worry about how to set up your audio-visual equipment. Our technical director will not only determine what audio-visual equipment is needed, but also ensure that it is set up correctly, whether you are hosting a small meeting or conference, or staging an elaborate product launch or live performance. Where possible, cues for music, lighting, and other digital and media elements are programmed, but we also have engineers on-site throughout your Sydney event to manage and remedy any glitches, should they occur.

Great events are not memorable because of the audio-visual production, but rather because the audio-visual elements complement and enhance the purpose of the event. Contact AVisual Productions’ Sydney team to discover how they can make your job easier and bring your next to life.