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You Need a Production Company for Your Virtual Event and Here’s Why

Do you have a handle on the production of your virtual event? No matter the occasion, virtual events have unique challenges that a production company can help you strategise and prepare for. Call AVisual to discuss further.

The way we work and host events has transformed over the 21st century, and especially after 2020’s demand for new ways to communicate virtually. While we adjust to a new world and new ways of working, a connection is still essential, and events still hold value. Virtual events have unique challenges and require focused management and planning just like any face-to-face event. Whether a socially distanced private event or a professional conference, you may benefit from the expertise of production companies. Here’s what you need to know about virtual event production.

Consultation from experts

It’s natural for the intricacies of virtual event management to be new and overwhelming for you. When you work with a production company you can consult with a team educated in virtual event hosting. AVisual can discuss budget, goals and general themes/messages you have.

Branded screens and overlays

Just as physical events will feature branded interiors, a virtual event is most effective when it is tailored to your business and brand. With a production company, you can get experienced creatives to develop tailored overlays and screens that ensure messaging is clear for your audience.

Live chat and breakout spaces

Physical events give individuals the chance to interact with each other and network. Unfortunately, this is not the case if you are hosting a virtual event with a single speaker or focus point. However, you don’t have to skip interactive activities. With breakout spaces and live chat, you can ensure engagement as well as networking opportunities. A production team helps you facilitate all audience sizes to make sure people get the most engaging experience possible.

Management of Q&As and speaker preparation

If you’re new to virtual events, you’ll need to know how they differ to physical events. Conversations won’t flow the same way face-to-face interactions do, you need to be mindful of interruptions and delays, you’ll also need to ensure audience engagement in a unique setting. Event managers can facilitate the schedule for all speakers and hosts, and ensure an effective Q&A.

Discover new opportunities in virtual events

All in all, virtual event hosting is a new space for almost everyone, and the challenges can be a lot to manage on your own. But with challenges come benefits, and there are many great things about the new way of working and connecting.

  • Highly accessible: People with different abilities may find challenges in attending physical functions, and virtual events mean increased accessibility for everyone. Plus, with added accessibility and the chance for interstate individuals to join, you may find an even bigger audience than you are used to.
  • Save money: Because you don’t have to book function spaces or organise staff, set-up and take-down, meals and travel costs.
  • Timesaving: Not only is there no travel to and from the venue, but you also save time on setting up and organising all the above details.
  • Easier engagement analysis: Attendee count, number of questions, interaction on the chat – all of this makes it much easier to collect data on event engagement, and feedback can easily be implemented into the allocated time slot to encourage more people to partake.

Let’s get to work on your virtual event!

Sure, event planning today is different, but it doesn’t mean it has to be difficult. With the right support, you can save time, money, and get great results from your event. Reach out to the team at AVisual to get started. Call 1300 AVISUAL.

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