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When Planning Your Event, What Comes First?

When Planning Your Event, What Comes First?

When planning your event in what order do you create your to-do list? Do you work out venue, catering or perhaps theme first? What do you leave until the last minute to organise? I am asking all of these questions because far too often we see audio visual get left until the final moments before an event before anyone bothers to arrange something satisfactory.

Let’s just say your hosting a conference; you’ve found the perfect venue, the food is going to be delicious, your guests are well informed and then you remember you still have to organise the audio visual. So you begin calling AV companies but everyone’s booked out because you’ve left it to the last minute. Now, your left with 100 delegates in a large room with a speaker that has no microphone…

It is highly important to consider audio visual at the start of your event organising process as it has great impact on the outcome of your event and can also play a huge role in determining budget. Also, wouldn’t you prefer to allow yourself the time and budget to arrange something special with your AV. Something as simple as lighting can create a unique ambience at your event. Even simply providing a good quality microphone to guarantee that everyone can hear the speaker will ensure that your event is remembered for all the right reasons.

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